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A must read for anyone who wants a frugal makeover, in order to retire very early.  Check out the author’s 21 day makeover in the lower left hand corner of the site.  It’s entertaining and educational.
Early Retirement Extreme

The author has also written a book that is inexpensive and is popular in the early retirement community.  You can check out your local library to see if it’s available for free, or you can purchase it here:
Early Retirement Extreme: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Financial Independence

This is a great blog for travel hacking.  I prefer this site to others, as the author teaches you tricks to game the system, and unlike other travel hacking blogs, he doesn’t have cozy relationships with all the credit card companies and will teach you how to game them for maximum value.                                       Frequent Miler

The best stock series on the internet:                                                                                                                     JL Collinsnh

One of the best blogs, that exists, for frugal living tips.
Frugal Woods

Joe and his family are on the path to financial independence
Retire by 40

Go Curry Cracker
Retire Early Lifestyle
Financial Samurai                                                                                                                                              Root of Good                                                                                                                                                              The Luxe Strategist 

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